About us

Our History

JW Plant & Co. Ltd. was founded in 1908 and is one of the most respected and trusted flag manufacturers in the UK. For three generations, the skills and expertise needed to establish a manufacturer of quality have been passed down and developed within this successful family business. Today, JW Plant combines tradition with a modern innovative approach to development and manufacture. We have a sense of pride and a respect for protocol, we supply our clients with products and services which not only meet their needs but surpass their expectations. In today’s flag market, it is JW Plant that lead the field in the development of products, design, materials and manufacturing techniques. Our customer focus ensures that the products we produce meet their specific requirements, often involving rapid development and testing in order to meet tight deadlines.

Our Products

Our products are made with longevity in mind; our flags, banners and display materials use only the finest textiles available and are finished to exacting standards in accordance with UK Defence Standard UK/SC/5551. JW Plant is one of only a few flagmakers in the UK that provides all manufacturing processes from within its own organisation. We are committed to providing clear and honest advice. Advice that is relied on by our many independent customers and by many other flagmakers and flag suppliers that make up our trade customer base. It is our passion and pride for the goods and services we produce that ensures our customers remain with us for many years, and sets us apart from our competition.
In the Sewn Flags pages, we aim to provide comprehensive details about our products and methods of flag manufacture, information regarding the display, use and maintenance of our flags, banners and flagpoles. Our goal is to show our skills and expert knowledge as a manufacturer of quality, and to instill a confidence and reassurance in your decision to choose JW Plant as your supplier.