VE Day 80

A Shared moment of Celebration

May 8th, 2025

J W Plant & Co Ltd are proud to be nominated as the official flag supplier for VE Day 80. Previously, we have been involved in national flag-flying days such as Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth, Merchant Navy Day, NHS Social Care and Frontline Workers Day.

JW Plant is a family run business and we have been manufacturing flags in the UK for four generations.

Based in Leeds, our factory continues to manufacture a wide range of traditional hand sewn, screen printed and digitally printed flags.

We have a passion for flags: their ability to unite communities, to provide a focus whereby we can give thanks, celebrate and be proud.

It is perhaps fitting that having supplied flags to the armed forces during World War II, we are here to join the nation in the 80th Anniversary of VE Day.

The Flag

VE Day 80 flags are digitally printed in 8 colour RainbowTecTM High Energy disperse dyes, creating vibrant, durable colours. They are reduction cleared at 50o centigrade making them fully washable at 40o centigrade.

Single thickness flags, design shows correct on the front and in the mirror image on the reverse.

Hemmed all round with 2 rows stitching, 3 rows of stitching will be used on the fly edge of the 90” and above flag.
Headed down the left hand side. Finished with either, hems only, white D rings,
rope and toggle.

The first VE Day 80 flags rolling off the production line


VE Day 80 Flag

£14.50£136.20 incl VAT

VE Day 80 – The Flag Manufactured from 110gsm warp knitted polyester, and will be digitally dye printed using RainbowTechTM High Energy dispersed dye, creating vibrant, durable, washable colours. The flag is single thickness, the design prints through the cloth showing in the mirror image on the reverse. Finished hems and headed down the left[…]

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Items will be made to order, once payment is received. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for the manufacturing process and place all orders in good time for the event.

Delivery will be made by Royal Mail 48 track and sign and can take up to 3 working days. Please ensure full and complete delivery address is provided, including a contact name, telephone, and email address.

Please ensure orders are made before

Care Guide

Ensure your flag is correctly attached to the flagpole, and there is unobstructed movement for the flag.
There is suffiecient clearance between each flagpole when there are multiples.
All halyards are kept taught, and are well maintained and flagpoles are secure.
In cases of bad weather checks should be made immediately, or at the earliest opportunity after the commencement of any bad weather.
We recommend a full risk assessment to be carried out prior to installing flags.
Do not fly needlessly at night.
Remove flags in high winds. Flag and flagpole strain should be monitored at force 4 to 6 with a consideration to remove the flag if it is pulling hard on the halyard or straining the flagpole. Flags should be removed from the flagpoles at force 7.
Repair flags when the stitching in the hem starts to break’

Washing Instructions

Knitted polyester flags can be wased at 30-40 degrees centigrade using a typically branded washing powder.
1 to 2 main washes may be required to remove soiling.
The flags should be dried thoroughly before being folded.
Flags should be washed form the outset. It is unlikely that dirt that has been ingrained over a prolonged period of time will be removed.
All dyes used on our flags have been pre-washed @ a minimum 50 degrees centigrade prior to supply.

Do Not Dry Clean your flags